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Winery Matić is located in the small village Otrić-Seoci, which together with the field Jezero belongs to the municipality Pojezerje. The municipality of Pojezerje is located in the northwestern part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia.

Our field, with the unusual name Jezero, has been just that for centuries a lake. The poor peasants could not plant anything, which could have sprung up between the two floods. The lake would dry up on dry days, only to be filled with rain again.

Everything changes with the appearance of one man, the Franciscan priest Ante Gnjec. With his initiative, the Krotuša tunnel was made, which enabled the drainage of excess water towards the Baćina lakes. The tunnel, 2,138 meters long, was opened on November 21, 1938. Since then, we have a field instead of a lake.

Many generations have lived, live and will live from that field.


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Let a good drop of wine be to your delight and may you enjoy it in with your family and friends.

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